Do you live in Utah County and have an old mattress you need to get rid of? If so, there are a few different options for you to consider based on your specific needs, the condition of the mattress, budget, and environmental impact.

Donate Your Mattress to a Shelter or Charity

We donate 100% of our net proceeds to help support kids battling cancer. Because of this charitable focus, we of course prefer this option over all others! Donating a gently used mattress to charitable organizations, shelters, or thrift stores is a thoughtful option. Many shelters and charities accept donations of mattresses in good condition to help individuals or families in need. However, before donating a mattress to charity, be on the lookout for:

  • Mold, Bedbugs, or Other Infestations: If you have any signs of mold or pests, such as bedbugs, don’t donate your mattress to charity. It can still, however, be recycled!
  • Structural Issues: If you notice any sagging, broken springs, or general damage to the structure of the mattress, it’s probably best not to donate it. This goes for any physical damage as well, such as holes, rips, etc.
  • Stains and Odors: Sometimes mattresses can be cleaned, or even just aired out. If you notice stains or odors that just won’t come out, it’s probably best not to donate it.

Mattress Recycling Centers in Utah

Unfortunately, the nearest mattress recycling center in northern Utah is Spring Back Utah in Salt Lake City. Their fee at the time of writing this article is $20 per mattress and $20 per box spring. They offer pickup services at an additional fee, based on your location. As an alternative, a company called Bedr World offers curbside pickup, but you’re looking at about $100 for that service. As Utah County’s most affordable junk removal service committed to protecting the environment, The Charity Trailer could haul your mattress to the recycling center for you at a fraction of the cost!

Manufacturer Take-Back Programs

Several mattress manufacturers have recycling initiatives where they offer take-back programs for their products. Check your manufacturer’s policy or contact them directly to see if there are any available options.

Retailer or Retailer Exchange Programs

Several mattress retailers have exchange programs where they pick up your old mattress when delivering a new one. This convenient service streamlines the process and ensures proper disposal or recycling of the old mattress.

KSL or Facebook Marketplace

KSL and Facebook Marketplace allow you to advertise used mattresses for pickup. If your mattress is gently used and could help someone else, list it to turn your junk into another person’s treasure!

Junk Removal Services

Junk removal services like ours can assist in mattress disposal. We’ll handle the logistics to ensure the mattress is disposed of properly.

Landfill as a Last Resort

If no other option is available, landfill disposal becomes the last resort. Some landfills charge a per mattress fee. South Utah Valley Waste Transfer Station allows up to four mattresses included in a dump load.

Hire Your Utah County Junk Removal Experts!

We are committed to providing the best possible service at the guaranteed lowest price. Motivated by our passion to make an impact on the lives of kids battling cancer, we’d be honored for you to consider The Charity Trailer for any junk removal needs you have!

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